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Axelrod: High Murder Count Not Chicago’s Fault

February 6, 2013


David Axelrod: “We live in Chicago, and one of the reasons we have such a huge problem in this city is that all around us are areas with weak laws and with very lax background checks and a lot of illegal guns flow into this city.”

* * * * *

Maybe if there were an equal or greater amount of LEGAL guns in the city, all those illegal guns wouldn’t be that big a problem.

If liberals want Chicago to be a poster child for the nation, what does this statement imply?

If crime rates soar after more nation-wide gun control, who will liberals blame?

Gun-loving, gun-totin’ Canada?

Mexico? (which has very tough gun laws by the way)

The sad part about all of this is that most Obama voters will believe him. This all fits in the “it’s never my fault” liberal mindset. link


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