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“Would You Fire on American Citizens?”

January 26, 2013

Is there any truth to this? What do you think? If true, this would be an alarming development under and administration that has proven to be increasingly hostile to the Constitution, liberty and intrinsic human rights.

“Would you be able to follow your oath of office, and follow the command structure, and the orders given you by someone in a rank above you, up to and including the Commander-in-chief, if a scenario developed where a group of people would not submit and lay down their arms when ordered to, could you find yourself obeying the order to fire on American citizens?”

Read more about it here.


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One Comment
  1. Well REAL simple. Would an american who has served their country faithfully in the miitary for decades be asked such a question, be moral and honorable enough to refuse it, and yet NOT go to the press, to congress, to the people… themselves?

    No, instead this is more propaganda from an over hyped “author” whose book was published by WND (aka wingnut news daily) one of the chief birther and conspiracy theorists sites.

    I did a little digging on this guy, and blogged on this earlier, here:

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